Ron J.  -  Oakville
"Thank you so much for your help. When permitted to get back to some serious work, it should be far less frustrating thanks to your skills."  - June 2016

Pauline P. - Oakville

" Your notices are well placed at the Oakville Seniors Centres, and as soon as I hear anybody complaining about their computers, I mention your name!"  -  January 2019

Bernice P. - Oakville

"Would you believe it? I followed your notes and it worked! It's a good feeling. Thank goodness for your notes. They are so easy for the amateur to follow. GREAT. Thank you!"  - November 2018

Mary Dilly - snapd Oakville

"Where were you several years ago when my Dad was living alone? This would have been the PERFECT gift for him... a computer with lessons from you!  How I would have loved for him to connect with my kids and I on Skype and Facebook."

Maureen W.  -  Ace2Putt,  Georgetown
"You offer a service that is a primary need in the world of technology nowadays, which is great! "  

Alan Russell, M.D. - Brampton

"Melanie fills a much needed support, especially for many of us that have joined the computer age late. Her communication skills are excellent, at a pace that is easy to absorb. I particularly like the follow up notes summarizing the lesson, and also her own personal notes. There is no pressure; makes the learning experience not stressful." - November 2017

Janet J. - Sun Shades Window Fashions,  Oakville

"It was nice to meet you and I am happy to tell you that we have had a stress free day with our lovely new printer. It is working perfectly!" - September 2016

Jenny T.  -  Mississauga

"This is an idea whose time has come! Thank you Melanie for your easy going style and terrific ability to help people embrace technology. Right in the comfort of home, brilliant!"

The Women's Centre of Halton - Oakville

"Please accept our sincere thanks for facilitating the Computer Basics workshop, and my personal thank you for your support and for sharing your talents and expertise." - April 2014

Cotrina C.  -  Oakville

"Thank you so much for your wonderful help. I am delighted to have my email back working well and I'm most grateful." - February 2014

Jessie P.  -  Toronto

"I was 80 when The Computer Gal introduced me to computers for the very first time! Melanie set up my email and Skype accounts, and showed me how to use both, allowing me to communicate with distant friends and family. Since then she has shown me how to use my computer to search the internet for information on a multitude of subjects. I can look up anything I want to know. Her patience and warm personality gave me the confidence to enter the world of computers... which I confess I always thought was too daunting for someone my age! Thank you Melanie for convincing me. You have made my golden years happier!"

Hilary G. - Mississauga

"I enjoyed meeting you and found your instruction to be very helpful. I was telling a friend that if I had someone like you to explain this stuff to me much earlier I  might not have been so wary of computers. It is never too late to learn!"


the COMPUTER gal

Zane J. - Oakville

"I've been enjoying (!) my computer - thanks for bringing the frustration level way down. I love having your notes, which are more detailed than mine, and will be a great reference. It's so nice to know who I can turn to if I have more issues."

Louise M. - Oakville

"It was great seeing you again - and thanks, as always, for your expertise on my computer maintenance." - February 2018

Joyce J. - Oakville

"Thank you again for everything. You have opened up a whole world for me!"  - December 2018

Claire L. - Oakville

"Thank you for clarification / demystification / returning my challenging computer once again... Thank you also for your patience, your understanding... I appreciate that so much. And yes, I am 90... and at this time, still very much in Junior Kindergarten regarding technology. I am so lucky to have found you!"  - March 2018

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Servicing Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga

Shelley P. - Oakville

"Hi Melanie, Thanks for the great follow up notes. I really enjoyed our meeting and I feel so much more informed and organized, even though it was just our first attempt at getting my technical life in order."

- February 2017

Stephen P. - Toronto

"Melanie, what a great job you did to revive both my laptops. I really could not believe that the laptop with Vista could ever be saved due to the number of virus infections it had. Next was the Windows 7 laptop that got a virus, and from what I understand most of the operating system had been shut down, and you manage to bring this one back to life again. I figured the Vista laptop had become electronic garbage and its life had ended and you gave it a 2nd life.  Great job and I would highly recommend your services as I believe I gave you the ultimate challenge! "

Nancy K. - Oakville

"Hello Melanie! I've found you and discovered I already "Liked" you! Will watch more often for your Facebook posts. It was such a satisfying visit with you. I will look over your notes from our session. I'm very much looking forward to having more tutorial sessions. Thank you so very much for everything!"

Margery L. - Oakville

"I'm most appreciative of the flexibility of the tutoring sessions. It's a great way to motivate a non-techie when there's a choice in skills and interest approach. Melanie summarizes the lesson with notes that recap the lesson. This is most helpful, as these apply to one's own computer format. Many thanks to Melanie!" - October 2017

Anne Marie B. - Mississauga
"I can't thank you enough for taking the time to return my call and for talking me through setting up

a new email account. Thank you for lowering my blood pressure and frustration level!"

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